Z7 Communications is the leading luxury brand, communications and events agency in the Middle East, offering bespoke, innovative and integrated solutions for pioneering brands across fashion, beauty, fine jewellery, lifestyle and hospitality. The company boasts a highly specialised, proficient, energetic and globally attuned team that is fully committed to delivering world-class services to the agency’s exclusive client portfolio. 

With over a decade of experience, Z7 Communications offers a tailored and personalised 360-degrees approach, collaborating with brands as an extension of their in-house team.

The broad range of services include strategic consultancy, communications strategy, press office activities, market insights, social media and digital strategy, events, guest list management and showroom management.








Watches & Fine Jewellery

food & Beverages




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Zeina El-Dana
FOUNDER/Managing DirectoR

Zeina founded Z7 Communications in 2007 after garnering years of invaluable experience in the field of PR and events in the Middle East. Guided by her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry, she built a team of dedicated professionals and together they turned the boutique agency into one of the leading luxury PR agencies in the region in less than a decade, having won over notable names in the world of luxury fashion, beauty, lifestyle and hospitality. The creative and strategic counseling services provided by Z7 and its vast network of media and influencer contacts have aided the ever-growing portfolio of brands to establish a solid reputation and presence in the region.

As Z7 enters its second decade, Zeina is driving the agency forward in bespoke offices in Dubai’s Design District, broadening the company’s international talent pool, and introducing a new roster of global partners to the Middle East.



With nearly two decades of international communications experience, Anna oversees the agency’s development including team and new business integration. She is responsible for implementing the company’s strategic growth plan and strengthening the agency’s positioning as the leading luxury brand communications and events agency in the Middle East.

Previously, Anna held senior global communications positions in New York and London for high-profile brands and retailers and holds a fashion degree from London College of Fashion.



Ciara is a law graduate who forayed into the field of luxury public relations, following her move to the UAE nearly a decade ago. She excels at building the right foundation and ensuring continued momentum for brands to flourish within the GCC. Ciara manages and strategically drives a number of key fashion, beauty, fine jewellery and hospitality accounts, offering 360 support to enhance clients’ visibility across platforms.



Leading many of the international luxury accounts at Z7 Communications, Masha is an expert in fashion and beauty. She was educated at the London College of Fashion where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Management in 2013, specialising in Fashion buying, merchandising and technology and innovation within the industry. She returned to the UAE, where she was raised and joined Z7 Communications, bringing with her acute knowledge of the region, its people, the culture and its trends. 

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Ryadh Kaddour

With extensive public relations experience across hospitality, fashion, beauty and art, Ryadh is a social media specialist and has spent the past five years in Dubai building an expansive network of media and influencer contacts. Originally from Algeria, Ryadh grew up in Amsterdam and has a degree in Marketing & Communications from the University of Amsterdam.

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Born and raised in Dubai, Megha ventured into public relations when she joined Z7 Communications in 2010. Boasting extraordinary organisational skills, ability to multi-task and impeccable books of media contacts, Megha manages a portfolio of high-profile brands across fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 



Rohini graduated from Sophia College in 2009, and began her professional career at one of the leading PR agencies in Mumbai, India cutting her teeth on a raft of luxury fashion and lifestyle brands for which she was nominated for the Young Professionals under 30 PR awards. An expert in client management, crisis management and media relations, she moved to Dubai in 2013 to join Z7 Communications, working across leading fashion, beauty and hospitality brands. 






We have an exclusively designed showroom to present our clients’ collections and products to the region’s leading editors, influencers, stylists, tastemakers and VIPs for heightened brand exposure.

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